WIAW and No Dessert?!?

How can it possibly be Wednesday already?!? This week is absolutely flying by! Since I skipped out on WIAW last week, I thought I would catch up this time around :)

Next week my classes start back up, so this week I opted to take a couple of extra days off in order to really relax and enjoy the last little bit of my break. It’s a splurge, but one that seems necessary. So far I’ve been squeezing in workouts nearly every day, catching up on my fun reading (magazines and an amazing book, Fat Chance–more on that to come), and taking time to make all of my meals from scratch–basically, I’ve been in heaven!!

For the fourth day in a row I made my Quinoa Porridge for breakfast. I think I had become so accustomed to eating savory quinoa dishes for lunch and dinner that I had somehow forgotten how delicious quinoa can be in sweet breakfast dishes, too. Now that I’ve rediscovered this truth, nothing else sounds good!


For lunch I made my Smoky Massaged Kale Salad. I’ve been eating tons of kale lately and this salad always seems to hit the spot. I have to say though, the dressing is my favorite part of this dish. I made extra dressing, and as hard as it was not to eat it all at lunch, I forced myself to save some for later.

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My Smoothie-Filled WIAW

Welcome back for another What I Ate Wednesday!

I’m so happy right now I can hardly stand it! Yesterday I completed my final class for the semester, which means I’m officially on winter break! It also means I’m officially able to catch up on some much-needed sleep and mindless entertainment (I plan on marathoning cheesy Christmas movies). I feel like I’ve been living in a deep, dark cave for the past few weeks and I’m finally emerging only to realize that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and I have yet to buy a single present or bake a single holiday-related dish. I should probably be panicking and shopping/baking like a mad woman right now, but I’m too delirious to do either just yet.

Instead, I’ve been surfing the web for any inkling of an idea as to what I can buy for Christmas and eating whatever I can throw together with the scraps that I find in my nearly-empty fridge. Smoothies are always a favorite of mine because they require very little fore-thought and are finished in a flash. Monday was definitely a smoothie kind of day. I was still working on projects and was in the middle of losing my mind. I didn’t realize it until looking through the pictures later, but I had a smoothie with every meal that day. What can I say, I was feeling lazy and any effort coming up with clever recipes might have caused my head to explode. I did try to incorporate some seasonal ingredients into my food, but otherwise resorted to some of my trusted, easy favorites.

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Back Into My Routine & WIAW

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday again–which means it’s time for another What I Ate Wednesday! Time always seems to fly by much more quickly around the holidays, don’t you think?

The theme for this week’s WIAW is “Celebrate the Holidays with healthy holiday recipes,” but because I’ve been living in a deep, dark cave recently, I haven’t quite gotten around to the holiday recipes yet. I know–boo. But I promise to have more holiday-themed recipes for you next week!

On the bright side, since my schedule has been significantly less hectic these past few days, I’ve actually had the opportunity to get back into my regular routine of exercising in the mornings and making healthy, homemade meals throughout the day. It’s amazing how sitting on my lazy tush for hours (sometimes days) at a time in front of the computer screen can just make me feel extremely, well…extremely blah. After last week, I felt like my body needed some serious stretching and detoxing. In order to get back on track, I’ve tried to fit in good sweat sessions in the morning, eat as much raw fruits and veggies as possible, and drink lots of fluids…oh yeah, and squeeze in a hair appointment, too :) I just love my hair appointments–to me, they’re just as luxurious as a day at the spa.

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My First What I Ate Wednesday!

I’ve never participated in What I Ate Wednesday before (even though I’ve wanted to for a long time now), but I’ve always found it fascinating to see what other people eat during a regular day. Sometimes I think that the food I eat–my husband calls it “rabbit food”–is really weird, so it’s always comforting to me to see that others eat food that might not be considered “normal” either.

I chose a pretty odd week to begin because school is insanely hectic right now and I haven’t had much time to prepare my own meals like I usually do–but I figure, what the heck! You’ll notice, the food at the beginning of the day is pretty darn green and healthy. Well, that’s because my hubby and I had talked about going to our favorite Mexican food restaurant for dinner so that I could get a much-needed break from homework. Mexican food can be pretty heavy and filling (and usually puts me in the mood for a nap afterward), so I decided to eat extra healthy early in the day knowing that I would polish off an entire bowl of tortilla chips and guacamole on my own later ;)

For breakfast: a lovely green smoothie made from spinach, Romaine, celery, apple, pear, and grapes. My mom says it looks like sludge, but I promise it doesn’t taste like it! This is a pretty typical breakfast for me, especially when I need a quick on-the-go type of meal. On a side note, my classmates are pretty accustomed to me drinking green sludge during morning classes, but I still sometimes get some odd looks :)


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