Rosemary Roasted Delicata Squash and Pears

20130131-223111.jpg I’ve learned so much about my own eating habits from chronicling my food on this blog and on Instagram over the past year. (Yes, it’s almost been a year–it’s crazy how time flies!) If you’ve never kept track of what you eat before, I highly recommend trying it–even if for just a week–and I promise you will learn so much! Looking back over pictures and posts, 2 things are apparent: 1) I have a ridiculous sweet tooth that always strikes at night after dinner, and 2) I tend to eat a lot of the same foods for weeks–sometimes months–at a time before moving on to something new. As far as my daily rituals go, I stick to light breakfasts (smoothies, or fruit) and I habitually eat a big green salad before lunch and dinner. I’ve always told myself that I can afford to eat those huge, overly-indulgent late-night desserts because I eat so light during the day, but the painful truth is that eating such rich food so close to my bedtime wreaks havoc on my body. To remedy this, I’ve started eating more filling meals and indulging in sweets during the day rather than late at night. So far, I can already tell it’s making a positive difference on how I feel!

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Millet with Roasted Golden Beets and Greens


One of my many informal New Year’s resolutions is to slow down and take pleasure in even the little things. I have a horrible tendency to rush everything. I often just want to hurry up and get to the end of things (ahem, school) and don’t think to enjoy the process. Well, by January 2nd I had already forgotten about this particular resolution. That morning, I rushed to the grocery store to quickly grab what I needed and sprint back home. After unloading my groceries into the trunk of my car, I started running with the cart to put it back, hit a bump in the concrete, and went tumbling to the ground, but not before flipping over the cart first. The result was a bruised shin and hands, but, more painfully, a bruised ego. Like any bumbling fool, I jumped to my feet to look around and see if anyone else had witnessed my embarrassing fall, and then I scrambled to get my cart upright so that I could run back to my car and hide my shame. Because I bruise like a peach, I still have a purple lump on my shin that serves as a constant reminder of the importance of this  resolution.

This morning when I woke up, the sun was shining and I felt refreshed after a long night of good sleep. This time when I went to get groceries, I took my time and enjoyed the experience; when I’m not trying to rush things, grocery shopping (like cooking) is a truly relaxing and therapeutic experience for me. It actually calms me down. Not to mention, when I take my time, I usually stumble upon amazing foods that I’ve never tried before. For example, I recently bought golden beets for the first time and instantly fell in love :)

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