Dairy-Free Persimmon Smoothie

20131123-114242.jpg It didn’t occur to me until I looked over the past few posts that I’ve been eating a lot of orange foods recently–pumpkins, sweet potatoes, butternut squashes, grapefruits, and the list goes on and on. Now, I’ve added persimmons to that list. I’ve found the vibrant fruits with their sweet, delicate flavor absolutely impossible to resist. Not only are they delicious, they’re also in season (persimmon season usually begins in October and ends around December) and have been fully stocked and on sale for only $1 per pound at my local Whole Foods! Say what?! As you can probably imagine, I bought more persimmons than one human being could possibly need…. Fortunately, having an over-abundance of these beautiful orange orbs in my fruit basket has forced me to include them in absolutely everything.

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Chocolate Cherry (Black Forest) Smoothie


Dark, rich, sumptuous chocolate and sweet, succulent cherries…If just the thought of chocolate and cherries gets you all hot and bothered, you’re certainly not alone. You’re also going to love this smoothie, as it was made just for you.

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Bircher Muesli

20130704-100733.jpg Happy 4th of July!

In honor of the 4th of July, I thought I should decorate one of my favorite breakfasts–Bircher Muesli–with red, white and blue to make it a bit more festive :)

If you haven’t heard of Bircher muesli–or just muesli–before, I’ll fill you in on a little not-so-secret secret: it’s possibly the easiest, and certainly one of the healthiest, breakfasts around! The simple dish is typically made using uncooked oats, fruit, and nuts. In fact, Bircher muesli is basically the original version of the oh-so-popular “overnight oats.”

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Vanilla Fig Smoothie


My newest obsession has got to be fresh figs.

When I was young, I could eat an entire package of Fig Newtons on my own, although I could easily say that about nearly any type of cookie. While I’m all too familiar with those popular cookies and with dried figs, I can’t recall a single time when I ate fresh figs before a couple of weeks ago.

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Sweet Potato Pancakes (vegan, gluten-free)

20130530-000130.jpg OK, so I’m typically a huge advocate of eating seasonally, and these Sweet Potato Pancakes don’t exactly scream summertime. However, sweet potatoes are sold year-round in most places now, which is a true blessing for me because I eat them practically every day. Plus, I’m far too impatient to wait until the cold-weather seasons to enjoy this delicious dish!

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