About Me

Hello friends and family alike!

My name is Rachel and my greatest joy comes from experimenting in the kitchen and spending time with my husband and step-son.


I married my best friend and biggest supporter almost two years ago. Not long after we married, I made some much-needed and long-overdue changes to my diet. Even though I’m lactose intolerant, I had indulged in dairy products all my life and ignored the discomfort it always caused. Finally, I reached my limit and couldn’t ignore the pain anymore. I began researching and learning about nutrition and the effects that certain foods can have on our overall health. This prompted me to finally stop consuming dairy products–a change that I had long avoided but suddenly seemed necessary.

Eliminating dairy from my diet had such a wonderful impact on how I felt that I decided it should only be the beginning. Next, I cut out processed foods and sugars, gluten, soy, caffeine, and meat. More than anything, these “restrictions” to my diet forced me to branch out and try new foods. Suddenly I was eating more organic fruits, vegetables, and grains and experimenting with different foods and methods of cooking that I’d never before experienced. Rather than restricting my diet, new doors were suddenly open to me! The transition was certainly difficult at times, but it felt so natural and worthwhile.

This is only the tip of the iceberg! I’m learning how to grow organic vegetables and herbs in my own backyard and I dream of becoming a certified nutritionist. For now, I’m just so excited to share my passion for health and writing through this blog! I hope that my recipes and experiences–successes and failures–will inspire others to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, too. So, please make yourself at home! And let me know what you think ;)


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